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Meet Our Founder, David Williams

davidDavid A. Williams is an information technology professional with industry experience in the diverse fields of manufacturing, food services and financial markets. As technology has advanced over the course of his 30-year career, so too has his passion for IT and his eagerness to stay current with the field’s latest and constantly-transforming developments and applications. As founder and principal of the IT consulting firm Technology Helmsman, his current focus is the application of the new technologies to track and improve businesses.

The Firm

Presently, David’s IT consulting practice, Technology Helmsman, specializes in IT network security and risk management.

Mr. Williams is well-known for his work:

  • Conducting security assessments for HSBC and performing root cause analyses to facilitate the sale of HSBC’s credit card business.
  • Designing and implementing world-wide network solutions in the US, UK, Germany and France.
  • Planning and implementing security programs across different operating environments and cultural differences to maintain consistent security controls with appropriate responses for incident management.

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